Oct. 29 Update and Site Organization

Well, this is a bit overdue.

In an effort to make myself stay up to date with this blog and develop posting habits, I’ve decided to set down some ground rules.

On the weekends, I’m going to give a quick recap of some of the things I’ve learned/read/heard/studied. I’m doing this for two reasons. First, it will help me remember the the structure of my week and, hopefully, not to forget the things I have learned in the past 7ish days. Second, it will signal to whoever reads this my interests and the sorts of things you can expect me to post about.

Aside from my little recaps, I’ll do my best to post once (or twice) per week regarding a topic that I feel is worth writing just a bit more about. Now, I’ve recently decided to jump into this anthology, Exploring the Meaning of Life, because law school is eating up most of my time and this offers nice little nuggets I can read and post about relatively quickly. I think at least. I bought the anthology because I was originally going to write my Master’s dissertation on the role of modern analytic philosophy in discovering human meaning but decided (rightfully) that that project would be incredibly difficult (impossible). So I’m going to work my way through each article and write a little blurb about my reaction to it. There’s 29 articles, and I’ve yet to decide whether I should dedicate a whole post to each one. We’ll see as I go.

Now, here’s a brief recap of this past week, which ended up being much busier than I had hoped. I really only listened to podcasts, and not that many of them, so it’s short I know.

-I listened to the Very Bad Wizard’s podcast on Galen Strawson’s article. Which I found interesting since I’m drawn to Macintyre’s notion of the narrative self. I got into this podcast at the beginning of the summer and have really enjoyed listening to these two.

-Also listened to theVery Bad Wizard’s podcast on the absurd. As I’ve said, I like this podcast. Although this episode was not their best. I found the beginning discussion, though funny, to be a bit sporadic and completely unrelated to their actual topic. This isn’t a review though, maybe that’ll come later.

-Listened to the In Our Time podcast on The Anatomy of Melancholy, which was wonderful. In Our Time is probably my favorite podcast, just because of the style and content of the discussions, so I’ll regularly have posts regarding this podcast.

-Finally, I listened to the In Our Time podcast on David Hume, which was nice but not terribly engaging. I really don’t have a strong grip on Hume yet, the ring of “Humean” isn’t quite as recognizable as I would like, so I listened to this just to hopefully get an overview. I now appreciate the background of Hume’s emphasis on the motivational efficacy of the sentiments and the insufficiency of God and reason. Additionally, I didn’t know that Hume had distinguished between two forms of knowledge: matters of fact and relations of ideas. On reflection, I actually know hardly anything about Hume.

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